How Many Types Of Visas Are There For Saudi Arabia?

It isn’t easy for people who want to visit Saudi Arabia due to all the recent changes to visas. In this post you will learn everything from what type of visa is needed and how to obtain it by using a port-of-entry form as opposed to entering without going through some other process like getting sponsors or guest status, with their passport being good enough only while inside KSA borders, but not over their borders.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visas for business and commercial purposes

The visa for business or commercial is the most commonly used and most straightforward type of visa to visit Saudi Arabia. It allows a person to visit Saudi Arabia on behalf of their business or company, provided that they’ve been invited from a current client. Online applications are available at any time prior to departure. However, you must satisfy certain requirements. For example, having enough funds from one firm that will provide funds on demand once you have arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Customers who want to bring loved ones to an event need to first sign in at the front entrance. They then have to wait patiently as the office runs its course. Sometimes , it takes up to three months. Once you’ve received approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in the city, all dates become settled so when invitations are sent out there will be no delays or unexpected surprises on your end, just pure excitement that you’ll soon have someone special joining you.

2. Visit to Work

Be aware that you won’t be directly compensated by Saudi hosts when you apply for an official business visa. This is because the US employer only pays one portion of a business visa. If you think they might have done wrong Make sure that the application for visiting work permission is in place prior to their arrival to Saudi Arabia, but keep in mind that the process is still in place similar to other applications are, so be prepared for some adjustments when dealing with Embassy staff.

3. Government Visa

The third most common and the easiest visa to apply for is a program sponsored by the government. This type of permit can be obtained through a visit to various Saudi Arabian government institutions or their staff at the embassy during the application process; however less documentation from the applicant themselves will be required when applying for this kind of sponsorship. It typically takes two to three business days to approve the application. It’s absolutely free.

4. Family Visit Visa

Family visit visas are very difficult to obtain because they require documentation to prove your relationship with the customer. For grandparents who are visiting it is necessary to have birth certificates or marriage licenses. However, it is crucial to establish a bond between the person who is visiting and you.

5. Residence Visa

The residence visa is intended for those looking to relocate or settle in KSA. This kind of visa is only available from the Ministry of Interior. It’s directly linked to the Iqama Card, therefore you’ll need an employment-based permit. The invitation furnished by them will be yellow . However, make sure that you don’t stay too long before looking at what they say on its surface since there are essential details about applicants that should never get lost.

6. Work Visa

It can be difficult to get it difficult to obtain a Saudi Arabia work visa. One of the more complicated visas stipulates that you will be hired by and receive benefits from your employer. This can only be accomplished if they are able to offer one-time direct hire every year! So more often than not you will have to search through various recruiting firms before even getting considered for employment with one firm.

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