What You Need To Know About Lightsabers

The Lightsaber powerful weapon that can kill almost anyone, is devastating. It’s an elegant, yet basic design made of light metal , with two handles either side and a switch that turns it on or off between strikes.

People all over the world love lightsabers. They are one of the most popular pop culture weapons. Where did these magnificent swords originate? What do they do? What makes them unique that people are willing to fight only with the most fragile of metals for protection or possession? That’s not all of the matter. It’s not the only thing to consider.

Lightsabers are in use since the time The Republic was founded. These Lightsabers were created in response to meditation techniques which could be utilized during the time of war. Their ability to cut through battlefields like none other can rival them was the thing that inspired their creation. But when you hear talk of Force Wars or First Blades then these are really legends today, even though they could be true their time because no one knows for sure how long ago it happened.

The ancient Star Wars legends tell of the time that two warriors fought with brilliant lightsabers. The proto-saber which is the first known lightsaber, was believed to have produced twin beams together with its prongs. This created an infuriating display that altered people’s heart rhythm patterns and made them feel quick.

The lightsaber is a much more versatile weaponmade up of a plasma blade that is powered by kyber crystals. It is important to be sure to align the “blades” correctly in the emitter matrix. In the absence of this, disastrous consequences can occur. Modern lightsabers are more complicated due to their capability to be swordplay weapons and defensive tools against the Tibanna’s native flora, which includes plants that are used for medicinal reasons, like Mon Mothma grass (which assists in treating radiation poisoning).

Imagine the fear you’d feel if you arm was set on fire and the blade of an opponent’s weapon sliced through it. Although you may be able to put out the fire but you’re probably going to might lose some functionality of the part that was damaged by the blast.

The Force-attuned Kyber Crystals can be found on many planets across the galaxy. Living Crystals are able to connect with one another and some claim that they have the ability to communicate with other living creatures or inanimate objects. Specialized crystals can hold and focus the lightening ability of lightsabers. These living crystals are able to stand up to high temperatures and pressures in the cores of stellar stars. They also resist other conditions that normally endanger the majority of material on Earth thus making them perfect vessels for such an important job.

Although we may not be able to see it there is always the Force in our corner. Each crystal of the kyber had their own sound. This distinctive sound would aid any prospective Jedi to develop their lightsaber in the direction that is right for them. Certain crystals emit music, others displayed harmony, and some simply gave off coldness without touching anyone.

The core of a lightsaber is Kyber crystals. They bind to Jedi Masters to allow them to alter their blade’s hues. The most common color seen on both sides is blue or green according to the side you’re on . However, any other hue can result from this power that these ancient devices are blessed with by Luke Skywalker himself.

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